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      Shandong manley metal materials co., LTD is located inChina's steel pipe-Liaocheng city,Is a collection of iron and steel production、Trade、Processing、The logistics distribution is a body comprehensive company。Is taiyuan、Baosteel、New treasure、Zhang Pu、Shanghai franchisees in wuxi area,Our company import all the year round...[More and more]

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    The latest shipment
    • Shijiazhuang****Appliances co., LTD,Manager zhao
      Tianjin to order304Stainless steel plate number:8Tons,Have shipment

    • Liaoning**Boiler equipment Contacts:Mr. Li
      Placing an order321Stainless steel plate number:10Tons,Has been ordered。

    • Jiamusi**Decoration co., LTD Contacts:Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter
      Tianjin to order316LStainless steel plate number:19Tons,Have shipment。
    • Hefei**Solar energy co., LTD Contacts:Qin's manager
      Placing an order309SStainless steel plate number:20Tons,Have shipment。

    • Jinan**Electric equipment co., LTD Contacts:Mr. Sun
      Placing an order310SStainless steel plate number:31Tons,Have shipment

    • Anhui province***Chemical co., LTD Contacts:The horse manager
      Placing an order310SStainless steel plate number:13Tons,Have shipment。

    • Kaifeng**Textile group Contacts:Mr. Sun
      Placing an order316LStainless steel plate number:210Tons,Have sign for it。

    • Beijing**Dyeing factory Contacts:In the manager
      Placing an order304Stainless steel plate number:300Tons,Have sign for it。

    • Shantou**Pharmaceutical processing center Contacts:Manager wang
      Placing an order310SStainless steel plate number:2Tons,Have sign for it。

    • Luzhou**Mechanical equipment co., LTD Contacts:Mr. Sun
      Stainless steel coil plate number to order:6Tons,Have shipment

    • Qingdao**The ship,Contacts:Mr. Wang
      Placing an order304The number plate of stainless steel:3Tons,Has been ordered。

    Company qualification
    Link:Hot dip galvanized Angle steel