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If you have any questions,Can directly dial our customer service hotline for free

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Why did you choose us


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    Perfect service

    Have a good after-sales service team,To ensure that customers after-sales solution,Let you have no trouble back at home。

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    Professional technical team

    We have our own300Many of the technical team,Can be built in conformity with the quality of the project according to customer's requirements。

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    Good corporate reputation

    The company contracted by the strength and credibility in multiple projects,The major engineering community、The school、The road、Construction of industrial park and so on,An area of40Wan?,Nearly total project cost4.8One hundred million yuan。

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    Wide range of business

    As the company efficiency enhances unceasingly,Scale expands unceasingly,The business scope has been development in jiangsu province、Zhejiang、Shanghai and other provinces。

About our company


  Anhui Mellon construction group was founded in1983Years,To register for5115.9Ten thousand yuan,Existing fixed assets1275Ten thousand yuan,The total area128m;Comprises Mellon construction company、Lifting equipment installation company、Mellon 2)、Mellon tap water co., LTD、Mellon building decoration materials sales department;The worker870Many people,Among all kinds of technical personnel300Many people for a long time,The company insists on“The quality for this、The user is supreme”The principle of,In order to“With our wisdom and sweat to create a comfortable satisfaction for the customer's products”For the purpose,Depending on the quality、The good faith、Service life for the enterprise,With unity and progress,Reform,The arduous struggle,Pragmatic and innovative spirit of enterprise,Work diligently,One step at a time for the local economic development and made positive contributions to improving people's life。Along with the...

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