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Auto financing risk control experts in the industry

Car loansIs the domestic authority of auto financingGPSSolution provider,The construct of motor financial intelligent monitoring system,By information monitoring platform and the hardware designed for the financial industry, automobile。As of today,Car loan, car loan monitoring products、Solution has been applied in automobile financial enterprise management1000Many car loan companies and financial institutions。

  • Equipment positioning precision,18Kinds of risk early warning and timely to predict the vehicle danger and bad motives。
  • Platform security and stability,Vehicle dynamic master in time,Cumulative monitoring vehicles1000Wan+。
  • Customer service24Hours online FAQ,2Ten thousand auxiliary car experience with the trailer。
  • Trajectory playback,Vehicle trip be clear at a glance。
  • The installation technician all over the country500City,Professional installation assistance given。
Accumulated assets(One hundred million yuan)
Cumulative safeguard assets(One hundred million yuan)
Cumulative monitoring vehicles(Ten thousand units)
To help find the vehicle(Thousands of cars)
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Each data is a reflection of our professional

Through auto financial big data to redefine asset risk control model

The annual compensation of trend chart

More than20000Once finding the car service
Existing1000Car loan companies cooperation
Vehicle online platform
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Car loan solution is industry benchmarking customer choice

Auto financing industry20And powerful12Choose to car loans

  • Shenzhen HaiRong gold before the Internet financial service co., LTD

    The companym2YuQiLv for0,The unprecedented breakthrough!

  • Shenzhen back river wealth financial services co., LTD

    Very good!The risk control15People to less10People,The bad loan declined50%!

  • Shanghai zendai investment consulting co., LTD

    The car we home loan,Two company don't accept anymore。

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Car loans Ann has a lot of car loan industry knowledge and professional level of risk control level

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The science and technology better cheng fang|2018China...

2018-11-06 / The author:
The science and technology to be invited to the event,Along with the auto industry counterparts,To discuss the car industry hotspot,Share the achievements of technological innovation,With science and technology can auto financing companies,For the automotive assets building security...

The technology was invited to attend the second session of auto financing...

2018-07-10 / The author:
The car of the future financial industry,Risk control+Insurance Is the best combination of security car assets。...

The car rental industry!The joint of science and technology...

2017-11-13 / The author:
In recent days,The more science and technology and the Chinese people's property insurance reached cooperation“Sports car”Insurance business,For the use of standard, the science and technologyGPSProducts and buy product liability insurance service customers...
Vehicles escape me to action

The escape vehicle,Can't get back,To do?Don't panic!Leave a message,Let me help you。

Risk control authority provided free vehicle tracking solution

* Daily limit10A quota,Value1800Yuan (Credit only escape vehicle)

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