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Hainan crystal ocean container service co., LTD

The company was founded in2017Years06Month05Day,Is a focus on the old container rental manufacture(Wholesale)Professional manufacturers。The company since its establishment,Committed to the development of the container industry,To keep pace with The Times,Powerful network platform、The professional team of the company、Familiar with the marketing team of the market and special services,To create excellent enterprise old container rental industry。We always adhere to the“The good faith、Pragmatic、Innovation、Beyond”The core values,Comprehensive implementation“To zero complaint as the ultimate goal,Starting point is good service requirements”The service tenet,Win-win cooperation with our clients。

In order to establish product quality and service supervision mechanism,To ensure the efficient use of the product in buyer's,To provide customers with excellent products and quality service,To do a good job of after-sales service is the duty of our job,Quality service is our bounden responsibility。The company to customers the following commitment:
A、Enterprise quality management system requirements:
The quality policy:Take the market as the guidance,Continuous improvement management,With high quality products and services to meet the needs of different users is always not our company
The pursuit of slack。
Quality objectives:The qualification rate of products100%,The present the qualified rate of products≥98%;Customer satisfaction98%;Execution rate to ensure that qualified100%。
2、Products manufacturing standards and quality assurance:
The company's products in strict accordance with the national standards organization production,When customers have special requirements according to customer requirements production。
1、Pre-sale:The customer's call、Your letter、Visiting warm reception、Considerate service,Put forward the technical problems of serious solutions to customers to help solve;
When customers have a requirement,Can send technical personnel on-site assistance。

2、Sale:During the production,My company can invite relevant technical personnel to our company for product details,Including all kinds of products
Data and the structure and working principle of the products。While for the main inspection of products made within the factory。Ensure strictly in accordance with the contract requirements,Product quality、
Volume、On time delivery。Our factory can provide relevant inspection standard basis for customer confirmation。

3、After sales:To cooperate with customer further product after-sale maintenance、Maintenance service work, etc,Our factory in this commitment to the customer:
① Performance of the products meet the national standards and regulations on classy article standards。
② The product after the arrival of the goods,In the process of customer acceptance,If appear inconsistent with the contract requirements,After our factory informed the customer8Within the hour
A reply、To deal with。
③ The company set up aftersales service tenet:“The customer is limited,The service is infinite!”For each user to electricity、To letter consultation、Suggestions and
The quality of the products used。If after receiving customer complaints,Must be in24Hours of reply,And to ensure customer satisfaction。
④ In a properly installed、Under the conditions of use,Species quality problems such as it is our company product quality,The company will be responsible for handling。
⑤ The guarantee period,The company is still guarantee to do a good job of customer service,The company to provide technical services。Need to change the product,The company will be in a timely manner
Organize production,And provides the customers with the most preferential price。
⑥If you have any needs,Please click contact address and telephone number to contact。

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